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Alena Zhirenkina

Russian artist Alena Zhirenkina is young and new to the bear scene. She uses old techniques in a new way giving her creations a special signature. The printed children's faces on cotton give these 'rabbits' a romantic atmosphere.

Please note these bears have been especially created for collectors and are not suitable as a toy for children. All accessories are props.

Russian Princess

Isn't she adorable this sweet little girl.

She looks so adorable in her 'balerina' dress with old fashioned white pants. You can really play with her as she comes with an extra dark blue ribcord coat and a light blue silk cap. Her black high heeled boots are made of velvet. this 12.5”, 30 cm tall 'Russian Princess' is made of honey coloured artificial silk.
Her ears are wired so you may put them in any posititon you like.


The basket and the roses are props.

Russian Princess has been sold.  



Russian Princess

Wearing her blue ribcord coat and silk velvet cap.


Teddy Boy with Rabbit Toy

A new design made by Alena Zhirenkina is this little brown Teddy Boy. His unusual face is hand printed on cotton and his body is made of brown artificial silk.

He is 16”, 40 cm without his cap made of dusty pink artificial silk
lined with felt.

His white blouse is especially designed for him with lots of small pleats.
He wears brown trousers of shiny silk and lovely hand made
brown leather boots.

An unusual teddy boy with his human face, which makes him so adorable.

This cute teddy boy comes with a toy rabbit designed by Alena Zhirenkina after an antique Russian toy.

Teddy Boy has found a new home.



This wonderful design of Alena Zhirenkina is made of honey coloured artificial silk with a printed cotton face.
Details are applied using stitches and airbrush.

He is 12”, 30 cm tall, without ears. There is wire in his ears so you may give them any position you would like.
He has got an an old watch to keep an eye on the time.

The basket and contents are props.

Gregory has found a new home.

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