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Jean and Brigette Ball, Mother and daughter have been making bears for more than 13 years. Beginning as teddy bear artists they draw much of their inspiration from antique teddies. After some time they started to make other animals as well. The Burlington Bearties really have a character of their own, caused by their unusual proportions and expressions.

Please note these cats are especially created for collectors and not suitable as a toy for children. All accessories are props unless marked otherwise.

Burlington Bearties

Harry Buckle

I snapped this Puss in Boots on a lovely day in the forest. Harry Buckle is a clever tomcat who is always looking for a way to help his master the Marquis de Carabas.

Harry Buckle is a one of a kind cat made of light cinnamon coloured mohair Burlington Bearties. He is 33 cm, 13 tall without his hat.  Harry has green glass eyes and an ultrasuede nose and inner ears.

He is dressed in a green velvet collar, a green felt hat with a black ostrich feather, a multi coloured sash and dark-green velvet boots.

Who can resist this wonderful guy!

Harry Buckle has been sold

Alice Hawthorne
Alice Hawthorne promised her mum to keep her white blouse clean when going out to visit her niece who lives on the other side of the forest. Her mother dressed her on her Sunday's best in a gorgeous white blouse with a pink ribbon and lace collar.
Alice Hawthorne is a one of a kind tabby girl cat by Burlington Bearties. She is 39 cm, 15.5" tall. She is made of brown tipped mohair with airbrushed details. Alice has green glass eyes, an ultrasuede nose and inner ears. Her paws are airbrushed.
She is dressed in a fine blouse made of antique and vintage materials.

Please send an e-mail if you need more information.

Burlington Bearties


Burlington Bearties


Not many cats are befriended with dogs but this cool boy Jasper is. He takes his dachshund friends every where on their daily stroll.

Jasper is a one of a kind 40 cm, 16 boy cat made by Burlington Bearties. He is dressed in a blue checkered cotton blouse and hand knitted woolen pants. He is made of tabby-cat coloured mohair and he has light green glass eyes. His nose and inner ears are made of ultrasuede. He has a black painted mouth and cat paws. His snout and tail tip are made of white mohair.

The dachshunds are also for sale.

Jasper has been sold

Burlington Bearties Jasper
Burlington Bearties

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