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Sylvia Natterer
Inspired by Sasha Morgenthaler artist Sylvia Natterer started to make dolls in wood composition or resin. In the beginning she made mainly puppets. One day Sylvia decided to change her theatre doll making into designing dolls for children and collectors. Her dolls have a fresh and friendly atmosphere and are always dressed in well designed and beautifully made clothes.

Please note these dolls have been especially created for collectors and are not suitable as a toy for children.

Sylvia Natterer   

This all porcelain girl by artist Sylvia Natterer has a very French look with her navy blue felt hat. Adorable Mitsou represents a growing up child in her early teens. 

Mitsou's face is handpaited by the artist and she has freckels on her nose and cheeks like many red-haired girls have. She has hand painted brown eyes.She has 5 joints and her whole body is made of porcelain.
Her hand made dress is made of crÍpe de Chine with a white pattern and has an organza collar and cuffs.

Sylvia Natterer marked Mitsou in the neck with '19SN94'. She comes with a little tag/certificate.
This doll made in 1994 is #0 as she is the artist proof  and she is 50 cm,    20" tall.
Mitsou is in mint condition. She has never been on display.

She is a very good example of Sylvia Natterer's work.

Mitsou has been sold.

Sylvia Natterer

Sylvia Natterer

Sylvia Natterer

Sylvia Natterer

Sylvia Natterer Mitsou

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