Deanís Rag Book Bear Special.
The British 100 year old Deanís Rag Book Company made a special version of their boxed Centenary Bear for Teddy Bearís Picknick.
As Deanís started with printing rag books in 1902, which provided Deanís with their company name and the famous logo of two dogs pulling at a rag book it is no surprise that their special bear is accompanied by a rag book. The fact however is that it is not a copy that goes with their distinguished Centenary Bear but a real original from the Deanís archives  is astonishing.
We are proud to present our collectors a very small limited edition of 9 pieces only of Deanís Rag Book Bear with an original rag book from 1918 titled ĎTen Little Nigger Boysí (see page 115/116 of the book ĎThe Deanís Rag Book Company Limited - The First 100 Yearsí).
The rag book is nr 218 in the Deanís Rag Book range and was illustrated by H.G.C. Marsh Lambert. The printing was done using engraved copper rollers. It is the only rag book by Deanís to have music printed in it. The 85 year old rag books are still in top condition. The Deanís Rag Book Bear made for their Centenary which accompanies this book is a good example of the Deanís range in his lovely quality soft mohair. He measures 14Ē, 35 cm, has a numbered tag and certificate and he wears a Centenary medal as well as a blue bow tie. Bear and book are packed in a golden box lined with blue satin.
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Dean's Jamboree Bear 2005

This bear was especially made for the second Dean's Jamboree which was held on
19 June 2005 in Cardiff.
He is a very lovely 12", 30,5 cm Dean's bear made of a very nice and soft burgundy red mohair with burgundy red ultra suede paws. The jamboree bear wears a gilded chain with a Welsh Dragon pendant with Svarovski crystals.
He is made in a limited edition of 300, his personal number is 34.

This bear was also pictured on the cover of Teddy Bear Times issue 135, April 2005 and on page 10 of the same issue.

His price is Ä 110 or £ 79.

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