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Die aus dem Koffer

The history of the teddy bear begins in Germany. Over 100 years ago it was Richard Steiff who invented the teddy bear and even today many bear artists live in Germany.

I am happy to introduce one of them to you. Susanne Täuber is a telented young lady who makes bears under the name of 'Die aus dem Koffer' (Those out of the trunk). Especially for Teddy Bears Picknick she designed some lovely teds who come with very nice antique accessories.

Please note these bears have been especially created for collectors and are not suitable as a toy for children


Anton is playing in the garden with the wooden pond yacht he borrowed from his nephew Heinz. The grass is the big blue sea and the plants around form mysterious shores full of the unknown.

Anton is a large (46 cm, 18") one of a kind bear by Susanne of Die aus dem Koffer. Up to now we only had small ones made by her. With Anton she did a very nice job. He looks as if he has just been taken from a dusty attic where he has been lying around for years. He wears his old worn grandad's T-shirt with light blue sailor's collar. He comes with his own 'Hohner' mouth organ.

Anton is a one of a kind bear made of short pile dark honey mohair. He has black real shoebutton eyes and a black embroidered nose and claws. He is filled with excelsior and weighted with pellets. His paws are made of light beige cotton. His snout and ears have some paint brushed details.

He is so nice with his sweet face that you must hug him from time to time.

Anton has found a new home.

Bear in antique sewing basket.

Surrounded by lace, a vintage brooch, flowers and ribbon and a letter from 1939 this sweet green-blue bear sits in her sewing basket. Her green-blue matches wonderfully with the blue lining of the basket. She is a one of a kind 10”, 25 cm girl made of extremely aged very well loved mohair with brown shoebutton eyes, a brown embroidered nose and claws and aged cotton paws. She is woodwool-pellet stuffed. In her ear she has some vintage flowers.

This bear has found a new home.



Teddy is 10”, 26 cm and is a one of a kind made of Dusty Pink aged short pile mohair with small black eyes, a brown embroidered nose and claws and aged cotton paws.
Sitting in a vintage pink carton sewing box with a vintage pair of scissors and other things Teddy makes a lovely display. He is a sweet excelsior-pellet filled mohair bear who looks faithfully into the world.

Teddy has found a new home.



This very well loved one of a kind clown bear is named Cody. He is 10”, 25 cm tall and made of very aged honey and green-blue mohair. He has a lace clown's ruffle and a paper clown's cap. His body and cap are decorated with off-white shoebuttons. Cody has black eyes and a brown embroidered nose and claws. He has black shoebutton style eyes and aged cotton paws. This adorable little clown is a good companion.

Cody has found a new home.


Millie in her antique children's bag

Her antique children's bag is a very good place to hide in for Millie but she likes to pop out when no one is around.

Milie is a 10”, 25 cm one of a kind bear dressed in a white cotton dress with lace decoration. She is made of dark honey very well loved mohair. Her eyes are black shoebutton style eyes and she has a brown embroidered nose and claws. Three of her claws are made of flower print cotton and one is made of aged cotton. Millie is woodwool-pellet filled. In her antique bag she hides some old pictures, the remains of an old letter and an old glove.

Millie has found a new home.

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