Elfi Bären
The art of felt making is very well developed in Germany. Primarily to use in accessories in daily life.
Elfi has made it into a form of art. In her animals, especially the cats, she shows her sharp eye and sense of humour.
She has two cats living with her who provide her with lots of inspiration on a daily basis.
Her wonderful sculpting transforms simple wool into little treasures.

Please note these objects have been especially created for collectors and are not suitable as a toy for children. All accessories are props unless marked otherwise.



Playing cat and mouse is the favourite passtime of Kirah, this grey
felt cat. But don't worry she is befriended with the red mouse so she will do him no harm.

Again Elfi has done a wonderful job with this grey felted cat. Made of grey and off-white felted wool she messures 12 cm, 4 3/4". She has dark yellow eyes with black glass pupils.
Her little friend is made of cinnamon coloured artificial plush with black glass eyes and ultrasuede details.

Kirah has been sold.

Tom & Jerry

This is a hilarious scene from Tom & Jerry. Mouse Jerry has stolen a box full of chocolates called 'cats tongues', they really are in the box, see picture, and Tom is chasing him to try and catch him as well as getting his box of chocolates back of course.

Tom is made of a anthracite coloured wool with an off-white snout, paws, tail top and inner ears. He wears a burgundy-red felt scarf.
His embroidered nose is also burgundy-red. His eyes are dark yellow.
He is 10,5 cm, 10" tall.

Jerry is made of
grey-brown wool with off-white details. He has felt ears and a burgundy-red embroidered nose. Jerry is 6 cm, 2.4" small.

Both cat and mouse have black embroidered mouths and claws.

Tom and Jerry have been sold.


Tom and Jerry

Red cat with mouse

A brilliant scene, this contented looking dark cinnamon cat with a little mouse on his tail who he is befriended with for sure.

The cat is made of cinnamon coloured wool with off-white woollen details. He has green eyes and a burgundy-red embroidered nose. His mouth and claws are embroidered in black.
His friend the mouse is made of grey-brown fabric with ultrasuede details. The cat is 8,5 cm, 3.3" tall, his friend is only 3,5 cm, 1.4" small.

The red cat and the mouse have been sold.


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