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Mara Grishina

Mara Grishina

Most talented artist Mara Grishina lives in Moscow. She studied at the Technical University of Riga. From the moment she had seen a teddy bear exhibition she was smitten. Since her youth she was already fond of teddy bears but since the last couple of years she works as a teddy bear artist.
She loves vintage materials and she has a special eye for patterns and colour combinations. Her work always has a hint of humour.
Apart from bears she creates wonderful other animals.

Please note these bears are especially created for collectors and not suitable as a toy for children.

Tea Rose

Spotting birds is Teddy Rose's most favourite pass time. She comes with her own bird house allowing her to watch them throughout the year.

Tea Rose is a one of a kind Russian teddy bear made of hand dyed pink viscose plush. She has turquoise glass eyes and a brown embroidered nose. Her paws and inner ears are made of a pale yellow green artificial plush.
Tea Rose is 26 cm, 10" tall.
She wears a dusty green bow tie decorated with a strass/rhinestone flower brooch.

She is quite an unusual teddy bear!

Tea Rose has been sold.

Mara Teddy Rose

Mara Teddy Rose

Tea Rose

Clown Nikki

Since childhood Nikki has been practicing to perform as a clown. Together with his best friend Paul he daydreams of starting their own World Famous Circus.

With his 32 cm, 12 1/2" Nikki is the largest Mara bear. He is a one of a kind made of brown mohair. His waxed big nose and his claws are embroidered with brown yarn. He has very light green glass eyes and rusty brown inner ears and paws.
Nikki is dressed in dark brown real silk pants with pink polka dots. His ruffled collar is made of a lovely mixture of colours. On his head he wears a clown's cap made of brown mohair with ruffles and ribbons.
Nikki comes with his own toy bird in matching fabric.

His marvelous costume show the fenomenal feeling Mara has for fabric colours and textures.

Mara Grishina Clown Nikki

Mara Grishina Cown Nikki
Clown Nikki

Clown Nikki has been sold.

Mara Grishina Louma


Always in for fun, a joke, a party or a happy hour, Louma celebrates life every day. Dressed in her designer outfit in polka dot cotton she is the sweetest of all. Her good sense of humour makes her excellent company.

Louma is a one of a kind Russian teddy bear made of very special vintage viscose plush from Russia. She is 23 cm, 9" tall and has yellow-brown glass eyes. Her waxed nose is made of brown yarn. Her inner ears and paws are made of light brown ultrasuede.
Her green off-white polka dot dress has a pleated seam, 3 golden buttons on the back and a separate sailor's collar.
Lauma comes with her own toy bird in matching fabric.

I think she is marvelous!

Louma has been sold.


Mara Grishina Louma

Mara Grishina Agness


Dressed up to go to a garden party, Agness wears her designer summer outfit. She will keep the eyes of all boy bears on her and is ready for a flirt with them.

Agness is a one of a kind teddy bear made of hand dyed dark brown mohair.
With 21 cm, 8 1/4" she is the smallest Mara bear in our collection. She has green eyes that match the green ribbons on her powdery silk pink dress exactly.
She has rusty brown ultrasuede inner ears and paws and a big brown embroidered nose.
Agness is accompanied by a felt little bird decorated with glass beads.

She is so cute!!!

Agness has been sold.

Mara Grishina Agness

Mara Grishina Max

Teddy Bear Max

Max and his toy bird are inseparable. It was a present from his great aunt who lives on one of the unspoilt isles of the Pacific.

Max is a one of  a kind teddy bear of 23 cm, 9". He is made of hand dyed green viscose. His eyes are yellow-brown and his nose and claws are emboidered in brown yarn. He has light brown ultrasuede inner ears and paws. Max has a shaved snout so you can see the lighter green backing of the viscose.
He wears a polka dot coat in green and off-white cotton.

I love him and I am sure he will be very good company!

Max has been sold.

Mara Grishina Elzy Elephant

Elzy Elephant

Among all these teddy bears Elzy Elephant may feel very lonely. Sometimes they make fun of her polka dot ears and paws or joke about her long trunk.

Elzy is a one of a kind elephant made of hand dyed green viscose. She has light brown eyes. Elzy is 27 cm, 11" tall.
She is dressed in a very stylish summer dress with lots of ruffles
made in all shades and patterns of dusty pink.

She is so adorable!
Please take her home so she is not so lonely anymore.

Elzy has been sold.


Teddy bear Paul loves the circus. With some practice he will be a great ring master performing in the best circuses in the world.

One of a kind teddy bear Paul is an 18 cm, 7 tall little guy made of white sparce short cut mohair. He has soft pink cheeks. His inner ears and paws are made of light beige velvet. He has small very pale blue eyes and there is a big smile on his face. His nose is made of black waxed thread. Paul is dressed in a man's suit of black velvet lined with silk with black polka dots. His ruffled scarf is made of the same material. On his head he wears a black felt top hat.

Paul has a great sense of humour and is bound to brighten up your day.

Paul has been sold.

Mara Grishina Paul

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