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Marie Robischon

German artist Marie Robischon is one of the world's top teddy bear artists.
She is a master in making beautiful combinations in fabric, colour and texture. Apart from mohair she uses velvet, leather, linen and pure wool to create her extraordinary teddy bears dressed in vintage materials. Marie is paying lots of attention into the design and the making of the highly detailed clothes. All bears have a dreamy expression. In this way she creates an outstanding teddy bear that will be a centerpiece in any collection. We are proud to offer her bears. 
Please note these bears are especially created for collectors and not suitable as a toy for children. All accessories are props.

Marie Robischon


One of the sweetest Marie Robischon bears I have ever seen is this one of a kind young boy dressed in a sailor style outfit. He is happily playing with his blue wooden sailing boat.

Frank is a 52 cm, 20.5" tall, excelsior stuffed bear made of grey-beige mohair with beige felt paws. He has black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose and claws. 

Marie Robischon, Frank

Frank is dressed in a three piece outfit in sailor style showing lots of details as we are used to see of bears from Marie Robischon. His trousers are made of a natural coloured linen and the pockets are lined with the same blue cotton stripe his blouse with sailor collar is made of. His dusty blue jacket is made of a vintage cotton decorated with four metal buttons.

Frank comes with his wooden boat and a green balloon in his pocket.

Frank is so adorable!

Frank has been sold.

Marie Robischon

Marie Robischon


Like all boys Heinz loves the summer when long sunny days allow him to play outside for hours on end. Here he is pictured in the garden with his favourite blue wooden pond yacht.

Heinz is a 47 cm, 18" one of a kind bear made by Marie Robischon. She used antique linen fabric she dyed by hand herself.
It is always a hard job to make a bear of linen as the material does not hide any mistake. I love her linen bears!

Heinz is filled with excelsior and weighted with pellets. He has black shoebutton style eyes, a beautifully embroidered black nose and black claws. His paws are made of linen. He is dressed as a sailor in hand dyed antique fabric.

A very special bear!

Heinz has been sold.

Marie Robischon

Marie Robischon

Marie Robischon


I snapped this wonderful Marie Robischon bear on his day out in the beautiful garden of Hidcote Manor.

This good looking guy is 50 cm, 20" tall, made of light blond mohair. He has black glass eyes, a black embroidered nose and claws and beige felt paws. He is stuffed with excelsior.
 James wears brown tweed trousers with 2 lined pockets, a beige cotton shirt, a red cotton waistcoat with white polka dots and a brown woollen jacket in men's suit pin stripe.

James really shows Marie Robischon's talented hand of bearmaking!

James has been sold.

Marie Robischon, James

Marie Robischon


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